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Who We Are

  • ERJ Associates is an Arkansas-based company that has worked with schools, colleges, adult education centers, and government agencies across Arkansas and Tennessee since its start-up in 1991, when Jennings Consultant Services (1982) and Arkansas Education Consultants (1989) merged to form ERJ Associates. Our company, as an independent reseller organization, represents multiple education technology publishers with exclusive contracts for schools in both states.
  • ERJ has a long history of partnering with schools on implementation planning of our technology-based resources, most of which were designed and validated by research, to help schools meet the needs of all students: for curriculum support and interventions, as correlated to the Common Core State Standards. Our implementation models have been proven effective over the years even being recognized by the U.S. Department of Education with the Secretary’s Initiative Award for Excellence.
  • Our programs, past and present, have been implemented in over 150 Arkansas school districts. ERJ has built a solid reputation by basing our business model on sound, ethical practices and to provide on-going professional development for “after the sale” in an effort to support schools in maximizing their return on investment with us. What is most important to us is the fact that our programs have helped so many students over the years, effecting individual performance results and impacting school improvement status.