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Ascend MathEvery student has different skill gaps. Whether for intervention or enhancement it is ideal to have students focused on what they don’t know.  Ascend Math is one of the few math intervention programs to provide a truly individualized study plan for each student. Ascend meets students at their actual level of mastery—identifying skill gaps and tailoring instruction to focus on the most-needed content.

Ascend Math offers the most award winning online instruction and multi-modal learning of any math intervention program.  Students learn best when they are engaged. That’s why every instructional video and online exploration in Ascend is interactive.  Ascend includes more than 550 distinct video lessons with thousands of points of interactivity that support step-wise learning and encourage students to write about math consistent with today’s rigorous state standards.

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Symphony Math: A web-enabled program with a visual and highly intuitive interface, Symphony Math helps students understand at a conceptual level. Instead of being overwhelmed by numbers, students move at their own speed and learn how math works. Going far beyond rote math drills and practice tests, this special teaching solution illuminates the core of learning and produces confident, more capable students. Click here to learn more.

All programs are available for 30-60 day previews with complimentary “Getting Started” webinar training. Please contract us for more details.