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To assist schools in addressing dyslexia intervention, we have partnered with Mindplay, Inc. and Dr. Nancy Mather to provide this timely response. Our model features the Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach coupled with the Understanding Dyslexia professional development module, designed by leading experts to provide schools with the tools needed to address dyslexia and other learning disabilities. On-site program training is provided by MindPlay Certified Trainers. 


MVRC is a systematic, multi-sensory, structured, explicit and research-based program. The award-winning MVRC features one-on-one instruction through certified speech pathologists and reading specialists that are embedded into the program to provide instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, the grammatical structure of English language, strategies for word recognition, sustained silent reading fluency, and text comprehension. The program contains an adaptive, diagnostic tool, the Mindplay Universal Screener (RAPS 360), which will provide an equivalent screening instrument (to DIBELS) as recommended for by the amended law, that assesses initial phonemic awareness and phonics through text comprehension levels, silent fluency proficiency and eye-tracking. This application is unique as it adapts and branches students to specific areas of the assessment as indicated by their real-time responses. Off-the-computer scripted lessons are available to help teachers work with students, individually/small groups, on skills that have not been mastered.  White board lessons complete with internet links and printable worksheets are also included for whole group instruction.

MVRC is further explained here.


UNDERSTANDING DYSLEXIA: An Online Course for Educational Professionals

Included in package price, the purpose of this web-based mini-course is to provide educational professionals, including general and special education teachers, administrators, dyslexia consultants, school psychologists, diagnosticians, and speech-language therapists with an overview of and basic knowledge about dyslexia. According to the International Dyslexia Association website, this disorder affects at least 15% to 20% of the school-age population. The course will cover the following topics: definitions and basic characteristics of dyslexia, the elements typically included in an evaluation for dyslexia, the types of interventions that are effective for enhancing reading and spelling performance, and the ways that professionals can provide educational and emotional support to students with dyslexia. A variety of videos from national experts are incorporated to enhance the breadth and depth of the course. Pre- testing and post-testing will enable administrators to see growth in teacher awareness on this timely topic. 


  • Nancy Mather, PhD, is a Professor at the University of Arizona in the Department Disability and Psychoeducational Studies.She specializes in the areas of assessment, reading, writing, and learning disabilities. She has served as a learning disabilities teacher, a diagnostician, a university professor, and an educational consultant. She has published numerous articles and books and conducts workshops on assessment and instruction nationwide. She is a co-author of the Woodcock-Johnson III and has co-authored two books on interpretation and application of the WJ III.
  • Barbara J. Wendling, MA, is the Education Director for the Woodcock-Munoz Foundation. In addition, she conducts training workshops nationwide on topics related to assessment and linking assessment to instruction. Barbara has served as a general education teacher, a learning disabilities specialist, a product manager for a test publishing company, and an educational consultant. She has a number of publications related to assessment and instruction and is a co-author of the Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program.
  • Both authors have coauthored numerous Essentials volumes, and cowrote together the Essentials of Evidence-Based Academic Interventions, one of the series’ best-selling titles.

MINDPLAY VIRTUAL READING COACH: Teacher Training & Program Support

All program training is conducted by ERJ / Mindplay Certified Trainers

We offer on-site Full Year, Half Year and Per Diem Training & Support plans that feature:

All initial training – including:

  • program overview
  • set-up
  • hands-on training
  • implementation planning

All follow-up training – including:

  • report interpretation
  • program monitoring


Mindplay offers subscription-based student licenses for one to twelve month durations. A school starts with minimum order of 25 licenses then may add on as needed, whenever needed – based on referral numbers from DIBELS / RAPS 360. These licenses are fully transferable so that when a student no longer needs the intervention, the license may be assigned to another student.

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